Friday, November 15, 2013

5 on Friday

I'm linking up with the ladies at 5 on Friday!

:: one ::
Monday was Veteran's Day, and if y'all follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I shared with y'all that my brother's best friend, Cpl. Aaron Mankin, was on the Today Show.  He was apart of the week long segment they did called "Inspired By" or #inspiredby if you speak twitter talk. ;)
If y'all did not happen to catch this on Monday, please take a couple minutes and watch!  I promise you will be inspired by Aaron and they also share about an incredible organization called Operation Mend.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Aaron says it best
 "I will allow no one to dictate who I am...  Beauty is who you are, not how you look."

I am forever blessed to know Aaron.  He is like a brother to me and he has inspired me in more ways than I could ever say.  

:: two ::
Kyleigh Mae has started giving me the BIGGEST, sweetest bear hugs and my heart literally melts each and every time.  She usually does it right before I lay her down for bed at night time or before nap times and then again about 20 times throughout the day.  And she giggles each time she does it.  Seriously.  I don't deserve this and I am so grateful.  That girl is too much.
I am smitten with her.

:: three ::
I have always been a huge fan of Hillsong and Hillsong United (did y'all know that they are two different bands? Me either... until I bought tickets last year for a Hillsong concert and showed up and realized that they were not the same singers and musicians as the Hillsong United concert I went to a couple years ago).  They are both from the same church (Hillsong) in Australia. 
Anywho... I love all of their songs the same, and I am 100% convinced that heaven will be an eternity of Hillsong concerts (and oh em geeeeee, that excited me)  hehe.
My current fave of theirs right now is of course their new one, Oceans, and if you have not heard this song I highly recommend you go find it and listen.  It will bring you to your knees.
But another new (old) song I recently discovered is called "You Hold Me Now" and I have had it on repeat the last couple of days.  This is a song I want played at my funeral.  For real.

:: four ::
Do you all have IG? If you are not already, follow me 

And also, go check out my IG/Twitter friend's new online boutique on IG.  
They have cute and affordable clothes!! I am anxiously waiting for my FLEECElined leggings (there is a lot of excitement in combining those two words!!) to come in the mail and a new sweater! Yes, please!

:: five ::
My mom took some family pictures last weekend.  I shared a couple of these on IG this week... but I am seriously obsessed.  How incredibly perfect is this?

And I am thankful my momma captured this one of my favorite little girl and me. 

My cup overflows.
Thank you, Lord.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

KM's 1st year {video}

My incredible brother put together this video of Kyleigh Mae's first year in pictures.

I am so thankful for this precious keepsake!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kyleigh Mae {12 months}

My little love bug, 

We celebrated 12 months of your precious little life on October 28th.
Your daddy and I still cannot believe that an entire year has already passed.  We are so thankful for the Lord's timing.  He brought you into our lives at the most perfect time and we are so incredibly filled with joy.  
Each day you wake up you surprise us with something new that you have learned.  You are a little sponge and it makes us so proud to see you learning so much.

We celebrated your birthday in Tahlequah, OK with about 30 family members.  It was the most perfect day.  Seriously.  I had prayed that the weather would be perfect and we prayed that everything would go smoothly.  My biggest prayer though, was that you would be in a good mood.  The week leading up to your birthday was an awful week.  You were cutting your top 2 teeth, and on top of that you had some bowel movement issues that left us both in tears (you crying because you were hurting, me crying because I hated seeing you hurting)
The day before your birthday party you started to come back around to your normal, happy self and then the day of your birthday party you were in SUCH a good mood!!! We were so thankful!

The day of your actual birthday, you woke up in an extra good mood.  It was as if you knew it was your birthday.  And I loved every second of it.  Daddy had to work a half day, but then he came home and we spent the afternoon playing with all of your new toys you got.  You and I also snuck away and grabbed some Chick-fil-a for lunch.  Birthday's are always the perfect reason to eat some CFA.

Here are some things you were up to at 12 months old:

You took your first unassisted steps on Oct. 11.  Your big cousin, Brilee, was over for the day and you decided to let go of my hands and walk to her. 
After that day, you seemed to be more and more interested in taking a few steps by yourself here and there, but you were too comfortable with getting around crawling.
One week after your birthday, on November 3, you woke up and decided the whole walking thing was for you.  You took off and you have not looked back since. :)

People have been asking us if you are keeping us more busy now that you are walking, but it has actually been a little break.  (I laugh as I type "break", because that does not make much sense with a 1 year old).  But we feel like you are just still so new with the walking that you are having fun exploring at a new level, and you haven't seemed to get into as much as you were when you were crawling.  

You are a chatter box!  I love listening to you "talk".  You always have a lot to say when you get up in the mornings and when I get you after your naps.  I like to think that you are telling me all about your dreams... or maybe how much you missed me while you were sleeping. ;)
Most of the time, you are so serious when you talk to us.  Some times you will give us a little grin like you are saying something funny.  And you also love to have "screaming" wars with your dad.  You two have the exact same high pitched scream and it cracks me up when you mimic him.  You two are 2 peas in a pod and I can't get enough!

You still say "da-da" a lot.  For awhile you were just saying "dad", but thankfully you went back to "da da" and sometimes you will say "daddy".
You also say "taaaa" (stop) to Louie every time he barks.  You are quite the bossy one and I don't know where you get that from ;)
You can say "apple" (you say it perfect!)
You say "lou lou".
You have still not said "ma ma" ...but I guess since I am with you all day there is really no need to!? 
(I still tell you to say it a hundred times a day and you won't) ;)
You call a ball "da" and I have no idea why
You say "k-kkkkkkk" when you see a kitty or see a picture of a kitty

You LOVE to read books.  I think my favorite thing to see you do throughout the day is walk over to your bookshelf and pull out a book and sit down and "read" it.  It usually doesn't last more than a couple minutes before you are on to your next adventure, but it makes me proud that you are so interested in books.  You also love to sit on my lap and read with me.  Your favorite books seem to be those with animals in them, especially cats and dogs.

You are a very serious-faced little girl.  It cracks us up so much.  You are full of smiles, giggles, and big belly laughs, but you have a serious face about 80% of the time.  

You are still nursing 4-5 times a day.  About 2 weeks before your birthday, I thought our nursing days were over... we had about a 3 day hiccup (and a lot of tears were shed by mommy), but we stuck with it and we got back to it!  It ended up being a huge blessing that we did not stop because as of now, this is about the only thing you will "eat".  
We have had some trouble with solids from 6 months old.  You have seemed to gag and choke on about 80% of the purees and solids that I give to you.  At the beginning I thought you were being a bit dramatic, but after several months of trying every single type of food out there with no progress, I had a feeling something else was going on. After speaking with the pediatrician, we decided it would be best to see a Pediatric Speech Therapist to help you chew/swallow.  There is something going on in that little mouth of yours that we need to get practice and help with.  I was shocked and sad and felt guilty about this after our ped visit, but it sounds like we definitely are not the only one's who have had to go through this.  I am just thankful we will be getting the help we need sooner rather than later! 

You are still taking 2 naps a day, one morning and one afternoon.  You average about 1 hour each time, sometimes you will throw me for a loop at sleep 2 hours (yay) :)

You are sleeping from about 7:15 pm - 7:00 am and you usually wake up once a night to eat.  I am guessing this is because you don't have good, solid food to fill you up through the night.  (during the short amount of time you ate pureed foods you would sleep through the night)

You are wearing size 12 month clothes
You wear size 3 diapers
You still have the bluest of blue eyes and your hair is coming in quite a bit.  It is light brown, but has a little bit of a red tint to it in the sun.

You weigh (almost) 17 lbs
You are 28.5 inches long
You are a very petite little girl! (with the sweetest, chunkiest cheeks!!!)

I will never, ever be able to put into words what this last year has been for me.  All I can think and type is JOY.
  SO. MUCH. JOY!!!!  

"I never knew that I could love someone the way that I love you"

Thank you for the most wonderful year of our lives! Our cup runs over!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Birthday, Kyleigh Mae

I have thought back so often about that chilly Sunday morning that I became a Mommy.  It all happened so fast and I remember being a ball of emotions.  I was SO proud.  I was so scared.  I was so full of joy.  I was exhausted.  I was worrisome.  But most of all, I was SO in LOVE.  So, so, so in love with our tiny 6 lb. 13 oz. baby.

Our lives were forever changed on October 28, 2012.
We have had to make a lot of sacrifices and have had to adjust to this new lifestyle as a family of three. But there is not one thing I would change about it.  We fall more and more in love with Kyleigh Mae each second and we cherish being her parents.

Kyleigh Mae,
You make our world go round. 
You are our precious sunshine, and you fill our hearts in a special way that we never thought was possible.  
We love you so.
Happy 1st Birthday, Baby Girl.

I thank my GOD each time I think of you.
-Philippians 1: 3

Friday, October 11, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!
I am linking up again with the fabulous ladies with Five on Friday!

:: one ::
We have some new and exciting things happening right now around the Nolan house!
God is SO, SO, SO, SO faithful and we are so blessed to be able to call upon His name at all times! 
I can't share much yet, but it has nothing to do with adding more people in our family (not pregnant!)

:: two ::
I started watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix a month or two ago and I cannot. stop. watching!!!
It is the cheesiest, most un-realistic show, but I am hooked.
I just started season 3 and each episode I watch gets more and more crazy!  AHHHHH!

:: three ::
My {once} itty, bitty 6.13lb baby will be turning ONE in just two weeks.  ONE!  Am I allowed to stomp around and cry and throw a fit about this?! Because I want to.  ;)
This has, by far, been the BEST year of our lives.  Even though it has FLOWN by, we really do take in each moment of her precious little life and we thank God every day for giving us the opportunity to be her parents.  My goodness, we love that child.

:: four ::
Just some John Piper wisdom for your Friday!
"God is most glorified in you when you are most satisfied in HIM!"
I love this and am striving to draw near to HIM, not just daily, but hourly...minutely (<--- i="" made="" p="" that="" up="" word="">

:: five ::
FALL is my favorite season for many reasons... but perhaps the top reason is that I am obsessed with wearing leggings.  I know that 96% of people hate the "leggings as pants" deal, but HOW can you say no to the most comfortable combo of clothing out there?!  I do think that everyone should cover their booty's if they do use their leggings as pants, though.  
There are a lot of cute outfits that can be worn with leggings!  And although I am not daring enough myself to try the bright colored leggings, I do love them on others!  Anyone else a fan of leggings? 

Sweater And Leggings Outfit -- I would be more likely to wear a cute pair of flats and no scarf

Super cute fall look

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pink and Pearls

This past weekend I played dress up with KM and had a last minute photo shoot to kill a little bit of time before her afternoon nap.

I am no professional photographer and I am definitely not a pro when it comes to photoshop, but it helps when I have the sweetest little model!

If the Lord is trying to teach me humility, it sure is HARD to be humble when I am this little girl's momma!
Goodness, could she be any cuter?!?! 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Kyleigh Mae {11 months}

Kyleigh Mae,

We blinked and another month of your precious life has gone by.  We celebrated 11 months of you being here on earth on September 28th.  It is surreal to think that we will be singing "Happy Birthday" to you next month.  I can't even talk or think about that without getting tears in my eyes.  They are mostly tears of joy... just a couple tears of sadness, but only because this has been the fastest year of our lives.  But we can think about all of that next month. ;)

With each month that passes, our hearts grow bigger and bigger.  As I was nursing you tonight, I was thinking about our day we had today.  This is something I do every night before bed time.  I sincerely thank God for every single day with you.  I think about all of your giggles that are like music to our ears and your silly, scrunchy faces you make when you smile.  I am constantly overwhelmed with joy when I look at you and think about you.  I always think "how can tomorrow be any better with you than today was?" ... And then tomorrow comes and I say the same thing.  We don't always have the best of days, and I can guarantee that you wear your mommy and daddy out and we are ready for your 7:30 bedtime each night, but every second we spend with you makes our hearts so happy.  
We spend 90% of our day laughing at you.  You have quite a personality and each day you seem to expose more of it.  
I know that the good Lord planned this "growing up" process perfectly... He knew how hard it is for us parents to watch our babies grow so fast, so he planned it to be more fun and exciting with each day that passes.  It really is SO much fun to watch you learn and explore.  You learn so much every day and we are so proud of you!

Here are some things you have been up to this month:

The morning of your 10 month "birthday", you woke up with 2 teeth poking through on the bottom (finally)!
You still only have 2 teeth and as of now, there are no signs of any more coming through.  I thought I was going to be really sad not seeing that gummy smile of yours, but I love those 2 sweet little teeth!


We celebrated your G-pa's birthday this month and you wore your "I love Gpa" shirt for him!

You have been standing unassisted.  The first couple of times you did it without realizing and then you would sit down when you knew what you were doing.  But, within the last 2 weeks, you will stand up without holding onto anything and you will start laughing and squealing and waving your arms.  You are so very proud of yourself!

There does not seem to be many signs of you walking in the near future.  Even though you are standing unassisted for a good amount of time, you refuse to try to take any steps.  But who knows, you may wake up tomorrow feeling adventurous! 

You had your first little bug this month.  Thankfully it didn't even last a full 24 hours, but it broke my heart.  You would just lay on my lap and not move for hours. :(

You LOVE kitties!! LOVE them! If you see a kitty come on the tv (specifically the kitty litter commercial), you stop what you are doing and start screaming in excitement and you say the "k" sound over and over.  Your daddy is NOT  a fan of cats, but I find this hilarious and so cute.
You also have a kitty book and you scream in excitement each time you find it.

Your favorite word is still "Da-Da".  If the phone rings, you say "da-da" (probably because we talk to him on the phone several times a day when he is at work), and you also start yelling "da-da" when you hear the door open when he comes home from work.  
Oh, and then you also say "da-da" 1,200 other times throughout the day for no reason ;)

One thing you learned this month that is not so fun is shaking your head "no".  Your daddy and I cannot help but laugh when you do this.  We try our hardest to turn our heads so you can't see us laughing, but it is not always that easy.  A lot of times you will shake your head no without reason, but you definitely know what it means because you have gotten good at doing it when you do not want to do something.  Sometimes we will ask you a random question and you will start shaking your head no like you know what we are saying.  It cracks us up.

You learned to call the HOGS this month and this makes your mommy and daddy so very proud!!!
(your version of calling the Hogs is raising your hands and saying "woooooooo")

Veggie Tales is still a FAVORITE!  You can really shake your hiney when the VT theme song comes on and you literally go crazy (good crazy) when it comes on.  It never gets old. :)

We are still working on your eating habits.  You are still nursing like a champ, and I am so thankful for this, but we would like for you to be eating more table food!  You are eating a veggie/fruit smoothie 1-2 times a day and every now and again you will eat a nibble or two off our plates.  You are a BIG fan of spaghetti (yay) and you also like pizza! (who doesn't?!)  Every now and again you will eat a couple bites of chicken.  You LOVE puffs.  I try not to give them to you unless we are at a restaurant and I am trying to keep you entertained.  But I really think you would eat an entire container in one sitting if I let you.

We celebrated your big cousin's 8th birthday on your 11 month "bday" at the skating rink.  You absolutely ADORE your big cousin and it makes my heart explode to see my two favorite girls together.  Every time we see Brilee you go crazy and you hug her and "talk" to her.  I love it.  You are so lucky to have such an incredible big cousin!  And I know she loves you so much, too!

You are napping twice a day.  They vary between an hour and two hours each time.  You are so awesome at putting yourself to sleep and this makes Mommy so happy! (you've been doing this since about 5 months).  I lay you down in your crib with your favorite stuffed animal and you "talk" with it for a couple minutes and then fall asleep.  One of my favorite things to do is peek in on you while you sleep to see the different positions you put yourself in.  You are precious, my darling.

I am not sure what your stats are on your height and weight this month.
You are wearing 9 month clothes and we just started wearing some 12 month jammies to bed.  They are a bit big, but 9 month footie pj's were a little too snug on you.
You have been wearing shoes a lot this month.  You finally fit into a size 1 shoe and you still have a bit of growing room in there.  You have the tiniest feet!

KM, I've said it a million times and I will say it a billion more times; you are the biggest blessing.  I pray that you never go a day in your life without feeling loved!  You have so many family and friends who love you so much, and most importantly, you are LOVED by the King of kings!  
Thank you for showing us how to love like we never thought was possible.  

Happy 11 months, sweet girl.

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